Key Person System

Toy Box Day Nursery operates a “Key Person” system. Whilst a bond with the Key Person is important for your child’s initial settling in process all staff members within your child’s room share an equal role in your child’s daily care and development. All staff have a duty to know each child’s individual needs in order that they can deliver a holistic and cohesive care package for you and your child.

We feel this system offers a sense of stability, continuity and security – all vital to a young child’s development. Through observations, photos and creative evidence the Key Person completes an assessment for each child in his/ her group.

Parents/ carers are free to inspect their child’s assessment at any time. Alternatively if any parent/ carer feels they need more time to look at, or discuss in more detail, any aspect of their child’s assessment they can make an appointment, which is mutually convenient for both parties with the child’s Key Person, Senior Nursery Nurse or Manager.

Before any child starts at Nursery we would encourage a series of introductory visits to increase confidence and help the child/ children to settle in.

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